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Lou Rankin Plush Friends by EncoreLou Rankin Plush Friends by Encore
Looking for a plush toy, but don't want to get the “normal” teddy bear? Trying to find a stuffed animal that is realistic, yet whimsy enough to keep a child's interest for a long time? Then a piece from Encore's Lou Rankin Plush Friends Collection will end your search. Lou Rankin emerged in the 1960s with a reputation for creating unique, humorous and friendly images of animals using concrete. Obviously children can't cuddle up to or carry around concrete, so Encore invited Rankin to use his artistry in a different medium, plush. Without losing any of the details he is known for, Rankin created a line of incredibly soft plush animals. This line features a warm, inviting faces and bodies that beg to be squeezed. Durable enough to take along on every adventure, this lovable animal is sure to become a great friend for any youngster (or youngster at heart.) The perfect gift for kids and collectors alike.

*** We apologize, but this line has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please be aware we have limited quantities available.

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