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Mary Meyer Flip Flops PlushMary Meyer Flip Flops Plush
Looking for a plush toy that stands out in crowd? Your search will end with a piece from the Mary Meyer Flip Flops Plush Collection. The 12" plushy line features floppy body designs that are super soft, under stuffed, cuddly & just the right size to tote around. what child wouldn't want to cuddle up to this stuffed animal for years to come?

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Mary Meyer Timothy Terrier Flip FlopMary Meyer Perky Puppy Flip Flop
Mary Meyer Tobey Chocolate Lab Flip FlopMary Meyer Ellwood Elephant Flip Flop
Mary Meyer Ping Pong Panda Flip FlopMary Meyer Ringo Racoon Flip Flop
Mary Meyer Speedy Cheetah Flip FlopMary Meyer Tuffy Tiger Flip FlopBenny Brown Bear Flip Flop Mary MeyerMary Meyer Darby Dragon Flip Flop
Mary Meyer Chuckie Chimp Flip Flop Mary Meyer Clio Cat Flip Flop PlushMary Meyer Flip Flop Georgie GiraffeMary Meyer Paddy Polar Bear Flip Flop
Flip Flop Dewy Duck by Mary MeyerMary Meyer Patchy Cat Flip FlopMary Meyer Sandy Shark Flip FlopMary Meyer Darcy Dolphin Flip Flop
Mary Meyer Wiley Whale Flip FlopMary Meyer Dolly Dalmatian Plush Flip FlopMary Meyer Ollie Octopus Flip Flop
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