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Mary Meyer Tippy Toes Finger PuppetsMary Meyer Tippy Toes Finger Puppets
**THIS LINE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED** Does your child have a creative mind? Is your kid forever making up little stories for his toys? Spark imaginative play with a Mary Meyer Tippy Toes Finger Puppet. Each brightly colored finger puppet will provide endless hours of play.

Mary Meyer Buzzy BumblebeeMary Meyer Chopper LobsterMary Meyer Dottie Ladybug
Mary Meyer Dunker DuckMary Meyer Leapfrog FrogMary Meyer Munchin' Moose
Mary Meyer Paddler PenguinMary Meyer Scurry SquirrelMary Meyer Shelly Turtle
Mary Meyer Tippysaurus DinosMary Meyer Trotters HorseMary Meyer Waddles Mallard
Mary Meyer Cowbell CowMary Meyer Whiskers CatMary Meyer Crusher Shark
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