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Princess Toys Longfellows Collection*** We apologize, but this line is no longer available.
Looking for a plush toy, but don't want to get the “normal” teddy bear? Trying to find a stuffed animal with enough whimsy to keep a child's interest for a long time? Your search will end with a piece from the Princess Toys Lonfellows Collection. This collection features a playful expressions and an extra long bodies that are extremely soft & begs to be wrapped around your little one's arm. Available at various lengths, these sweet animals will surely become your little one's favorite friend.

Princess Toys Longfellow Caterpillar - 29" longPrincess Toys Longfellow Emmypoo - 21" LongPrincess Toys Longfellow Rabbit - 25" Long
Princess Toys Longfellow Bear - 26" and 15" LongPrincess Toys Longfellow Pink Unicorn - 21" Long
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