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**Currently Out of Stock until Spring 2012
Funny Cat MeowCoo Cuckoo Clock
Funny Cat MeowCoo Cuckoo Clock
Item#: meowcoo

Are you looking for a way to tweak the decor in your child's bedroom? Are you tired of boring wall clocks? Look no further than a Funny Animal Cuckoo Clock. These analog clocks will ensure that your child can read the time when it's not just displayed as numbers. Help them understand the relationship of one time of day to another. This Funny Cat MeowCoo Cuckoo Clock features a stylish, vividly colorful theme and the "cuckoo" resembles the sound the animal makes. Each clock will add that special touch of whimsy and comic relief to any decor. Great gift for the time constrained or time conscious person in your life.
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